Shree Tawnluia, Deputy Chief Minister of Mizoram, paid a visit to the KVK Khawzawl, Champhai Distirct on March 29, 2023, accompanied by Shree CC. Lalchhuangkima, Deputy Commissioner of the District. 

               Dr. Malsawmkimi, Senior Scientist and Head, presented a powerpoint presentation on KVK's achievements. The Deputy Chief Minister praised KVK Champhai District and encouraged the audience to approach KVK scientists in his address. The Deputy Commissioner also appreciated KVK efforts and its critical role in the district's agricultural growth. KVK Champhai had introduced the tomato varieties Arka Rakshak, Arka Samrat, and Arka Abhed in the District and 120 farmers from Tualte village and 70 farmers from Tuipui village had already adopted the technology and now rely on tomato cultivation. Tualte farmers made Rs 3,60,73,700 by selling just tomatoes in 2022. Beside this, horizontal expansion of Field Pea is also enhancing farmer income in different villages like Vengsang, Zotlang, Chhawrtui, Rabung and Khawzawl.