KVK, Khawzawl was sanctioned by ICAR during the year 2004 under the Directorate of Agriculture (Research & Education) Aizawl, Mizoram as host Department. This KVK is located at Khawzawl, 45 Kms before the District Capital Champhai . The Inauguration of KVK Khawzawl was done on 10th July, 2008 which came into effect from 5th Aug, 2008 with a Vision to lead agricultural activity in the entire district as a nodal agency and centre of excellence for over all development of agriculture and allied sector with its sound research, extension system in coordination with ICAR Instts. ,SAU scientists & line departments of the State.

            It has been observed that the farmers of this area have been practicing same old traditional system with few or no modification. KVK, Khawzawl, Champhai District, felt necessary of intervening and modifying the age old practice in Creating awareness ,Changing the knowledge, skill and attitude, promotion of organic farming, Integrated Pest Management (IPM), Integrated Weed management (IWM), Integrated Plant Nutrient Management (IPNM), Water Management (WM) and Identification of local breeds and its improvement in animal Sector. In view of the above problems and with technical guidance from ICAR, CAU’s,SAU’s& other institute new and Effective technology based on the needs of the farmers of the District such as Introduction of  HQPM as new Maize Variety, Technology onSeed Production,Multi criteria decision making for sustainable farming ,Practice of Organic farmingand  upgradation of existing local breeds of Cattle and pig was given emphasis during this period through Training & Demonstrations.