Total land with KVK (in ha)                        : 12.774

                        i. Block-I (Instructional farm)          : 11.464 ha

                        ii. Block-II (Office Complex)             : 1.31 ha

             Total cultivable land with KVK (in ha)       : 8.464

             Total cultivated land (in ha)                       : 3


S. No.


Area (ha)


Under Buildings (Administrative building+ Farmers’ Hostel+ Staff Quarters)



Under Demonstration Units



Under Crops (Cereals, pulses, oilseeds etc.)



Under vegetables






Plantation Crops(Coffee etc)


The farmers are offered advice in different fields of their activities and when required by them. The Instructional Farm has about 12ha of farm land connecting of agriculture land for demonstration of various technologies, plant protection measures etc. The farm has three numbers of rain water harvesting unit and one numbers of Automated Weather Station(AWS Unit)

Activities undertaken:

Construction of Top soil bedded terrace with active participation of the farmers as a means of soil conservation technologies.

High Density Planting of Pineapple across the hill slope for Soil conservation and to obtain higher return.

                In view of the fast degradation of land due to malpractices of cultivation such as jhuming etc contour farming system was practiced meant for demonstration and importance of contour trenches across the slope according to the slope percentage    was constructed as  demonstration in the contour farming . It was demonstrated with an objectives to wean away shifting cultivation and switch over to permanent cultivation on the Hill slopes by conserving soil and water and recycling the top soil, and to create awareness in the minds of the Jhumias, to build up a sense of permanency and stability and realizing the importance of Permanent cultivation.

                Various demonstration was carried out for the farmers of the district to cope with improved technologies and scientific package of practices, some of the major activities undertaken are :

·         Cultivation of HQPM-1(Maize)

·         All year round production(three times)of Maize.

·         Cultivation of Vegetables on Raised Bed for Water used efficiency.

·         Cultivation of Paddy through SRI for lodging control.

·         Paddy cum Fish Farming.

·         Cultivation of Fodder Crops-Napier Grass(Co2 & Co3)

·         Performance trial of Drum Stick(Moringa variety-PKM-1)

·         Conservation of Ethno-Botanical Herbs.